3 Benefits Of Adding Air Duct Cleaning To Your Fall Clean Up Routine

Air Duct Cleaning in VirginiaWith summer finally fading into the distance, fall is almost upon us. Fall is an extremely pleasant time for a number of homeowners, whether you happen to enjoy all of the upcoming holidays and opportunities for spending time with family and friends, or you just like the changing seasons and cooler temperatures. Now that summer is finally winding down, many homeowners are taking this opportunity to put some time in to make sure their homes are ready for the upcoming winter, and fall cleanup is a big part of that. There are no doubt a number of items of your fall cleanup list already, between making sure that your HVAC system is tuned up and ready to go, and your landscaping is properly groomed and prepared for the dormant months ahead of it, but there is one thing that you should seriously consider adding to your fall cleanup list if you haven't already, and that is having your air ducts cleaned out. There are a number of excellent reasons to make air duct cleaning a regular part of your fall cleanup plan, and to help highlight the importance of this particular task, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together a short list highlighting what just a few of these are and why they can be so beneficial to your home and your health.

Reduce Mold Growth

After the summer is over, and the storms that it tends to bring with it have finally passed, it is important to take stock of your home and be aware of any areas where there might be mold growth. Mold can grow in a variety of different areas of your home, including your air ducts, and no matter where it starts growing, it can present a number of different health risks for those living in you and your family. If there is any mold inside or around your home's air ducts, you run the risk of that mold being carried through those ducts anytime you run your heating or air conditioning system and distributed throughout the various rooms of your home. This can present a serious issue as these mold spores can cause a number of health issues, and can pose especially serious risks to those with any pre existing respiratory issues, like asthma or severe allergies. Calling in a professional to have your air ducts cleaned as we move into fall will ensure that any mold that has started to build up in or around your ducts is completely cleared away so that you and your family can breathe a bit easier this winter.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

You and your family are likely going to be spending a great deal of time indoors as the weather continues to cool down in the coming months, and because of this, it is important to make sure that the air you are breathing in on a daily basis is clean and healthy. Even if the air in your home doesn't smell odd and there is nothing noticeably wrong with it, the air that you think is clean could be filled with bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, and a number of other harmful contaminants that can spell trouble for you and anyone in your home forced to breathe them in for an extended period of time. Any of these contaminants that are present in your air ducts are going to be continually circulating throughout your home this winter as your heating system is running, which makes it extremely important to ensure that you have them properly cleaned out before that time comes. Hiring a professional to come in a clean your air ducts early on this fall will help ensure that you and your family have clean air to breath this winter while you are spending more of your time inside the house.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Anytime your air ducts become clogged with dust, dirt, or debris, your home's HVAC system is going to have to work harder to push air throughout your home. In addition, all of those contaminants have a tendency to build up inside your system from time to time, and can actually result in serious damage to your system over time, calling for expensive repairs to get everything working correctly once again. Take the time now to ensure your air ducts are clean and save yourself big on your monthly heating bills this summer. Call Bay Restoration & Air Duct Services for more information today!

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